A community
working towards plastic free status

Welcome to Plastic Free Hersham!

We are a community of like minded people who are working with local businesses, schools and community groups to help them to remove single-use plastic from their operations.

Plastic is a growing global issue, every year over 8 million tonnes of plastic waste makes it way into the world’s oceans.  Much of this is single-use plastic which is both unnecessary and easily prevented.

Plastic Free Community Status is awarded by Surfers Against Sewage who recognise communities that have made significant steps towards reducing their single-use plastic.

We hope that you will join us in trying eliminate unecessary plastic in our community.

Supporting Groups

We are supported by many groups around Hersham all ‘doing their bit’ to make Hersham a cleaner, greener and more sustainable place to live.

Who we are

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Whether you are a business looking to start your own plastic free journey or an individual who would would like to help our campaign, please contact us.


It is a misconception that we are trying to ban or eliminate all plastic. This is simply not possible.  Plastic it a lightweight and versatile material that has been revolutionary for many aspects of our lives such as healthcare, hygiene and safety.

It’s all about single use plastic

We would like to educate and encourage individuals and businesses to rethink their use of single use plastic.  Single use plastic is anything that is usually only used once, generally as a convenience. We have given a list of examples, but there are many, many more.

Plastic Free Hersham works with people to identify current plastic that could be removed or replaced with a suitable alternative.  Our recommendations are based on extensive experience and research and we always look at the sustainability, affordability and suitability before making any suggestions.

Examples of single use plastic

plastic bags
plastic straws
plastic cutlery
take-away coffee cups
bottles of drink
condiment sachets
take-away containers
coffee stirrers
individual milk portions

baby / wet wipes
cling film
coffee pods/capsules
cigarette butts
cotton buds
plastic tape
disposable gloves
plastic cable ties

Are you a Hersham business looking to reduce your plastic?

Pledge to remove 3 single use plastic items from your business and become part of our business list.